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The rudiments may be learned and practiced by beginners,

tourists at EarthLight Lodge first master the moves

in low gravity

then move on to microgravity, like skiers moving from beginner to advanced slopes.

X Y Z elecrtic eyes

determine geometric center

of SpaceBall court.


Contestants ARE the “ball.”

Object is to move through the goal

which is the X Y Z origin,

the intersection of the 3 axes

electric eyes or lasers.


Walls of the court to be resilient,

trampoline type of response.

Court to be slightly inflated

positive air pressure

relieved at valve-flaps.


Players become combination acrobats,

soccer, squash, water polo players,

and billiard (self-) shooters.

Strategy involves carom,

torqueing against air currents,

somersaults, team passing and blocking.

May be played as singles, doubles, team...


Air-lock entry, heat-pump radiator exchanges

set along exterior wall.

If walls of units are double sealed

tubular construction

of touch clear kevlar/mylar/pvc/???

the players can play in clear bubble—

navigating their position in the court

according to the stars....

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